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都柏林 熱門景點


Our guide Leisha and John are interesting (we love the joke of "Bad Mood" lol) and we enjoy the tour to Belfast, just hope to get more time at the Giant's Causeway. One thing I'd like to mention is that when we arrived at the meeting point, there were 3 buses maybe for the different tours, and when we wanted to inquire of the guide standing beside the last bus which bus matches our ordered tour, that guide deliberately ignored us. I'm not sure is it because we are Asians, but this did make me feel bad in the beginning of our tour.

都柏林出發:巨人堤道和卡里克空中索橋 評論人 匿名, 2019年08月15日

The traditional bar tour was really amazing. I have tried several types of beer and drinks like gin and tonic and whiskey. The tour guides introduced the drinks thoroughly and they were very nice, friendly and chatted with us all night. I went to the trip individually and have met new friends from different part of the world, there was no boring moment! Highly recommend!!

都柏林:傳統酒吧之旅 評論人 Un Ieng, 2020年01月04日

Sean is a professional guide who is passionate in introducing the Irish culture. He is also a wonderful entertainer. The schedule is not tight and the bus is comfortable. Highly recommended.

都柏林出發:莫赫懸崖、巴倫、高威全日遊 評論人 匿名, 2019年10月22日

The tour is informative which I can not only learn the origins of the designated spot but also other parts of Ireland such as its famine in history.

都柏林出發:莫赫懸崖、巴倫、高威全日遊 評論人 匿名, 2019年12月19日

interesting and funny tour guide (Chloe) & driver (Captain John)! its an informative and welcoming day tour.