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佛羅倫斯 熱門景點

在 佛羅倫斯 的熱門景點


First we spent 100 minutes on Pisa. Since we are early, we don’t need to queue before going up the leaning tower. The cathedral was closed for some reason that day though. Plenty of time to take pictures. Then we spent 45 min on the first two villages then 90 min on the final and the most beautiful ones. Timing is just about right. There was some delay on the trains but we still come back to Florence at 18:07. Great tour. Somebody says it is ambitious tour but this is what we want: seeing the most with the least time. Karolina, our guide helped us in changing our time for the train tickets going to Roma. She is extremely helpful and we want to thank her publicly!

佛羅倫斯出發:比薩和五漁村全日遊 評論人 Siu Shan, 2020年02月12日

The arrangement was OK, tour guide in Pisa gave us much information about the tower and the church. The tour guide on the bus was generally OK, but she lost a pair of guests before leaving and spent more time to find time, hence we wasted some time waiting on the coach.

從佛羅倫薩:比薩一日遊與比薩斜塔 評論人 匿名, 2019年09月02日

The traffic arranged were fine although the boat cruise at cinque terre was cancelled due to rainy weather. Lunch was of great local taste at a seaside ristorante. The guide spoke very good english and helpful.

佛羅倫斯出發:全包式五漁村一日遊 評論人 adam, 2019年11月06日

Visiting 4 out of 5 famous spots via coach, train and boat, can see the views from various angles. With enough time to travel and relax in each location

佛羅倫斯出發:五漁村海邊美景一日遊 評論人 匿名, 2019年09月02日