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Joining local tour meeting ppl from different world is fantastic. The Mt field is the place where I like since I want to visit forest. Visiting zoo can let us see the animal like wombat closely is also prefect. However, visiting there at nearly the end of Oct is really cold while going to the mountain say 7 degrees celese. The guide is good and I’m looking forward to visiting Tasmania again...

it was a nice tour and the day we're traveling is a sunny day. The light tower is for sure the highlight of the tour. If you have had plan to Tasmania, you should consider this tour.

布魯尼島:美食、燈塔與觀光的全日之旅 評論人 匿名, 2019年11月19日

在Maria Island見到好多野生袋鼠,袋熊及少許其他動物。野生既關係,牠們都不痴人。但比動物園的較活潑,且很可愛。旅程中還能看見很多大自然創造出來的美麗景色。午餐是導遊親自煮的,不錯,十分推介此旅程。

瑪麗亞島:步行,袋熊和野餐午餐一日遊 評論人 匿名, 2019年11月23日