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克拉科夫 熱門景點

在 克拉科夫 的熱門景點


Such a experience with learning of saddened history that have tremendously impacted all human kinds. Ziggy was a great tour guide who has thoroughly explained every major parts in detail in a very professional manner. Highly recommended!

從克拉科夫:奧斯威辛 - 比克瑙博物館導遊 評論人 維恩, 2019年09月03日

There’s no guide. You need to visit by yourselves. We just found that the tickets are free(after 4pm ticket) , so the whole tour was just included traffic, a little bit instructions and guidebook, also the book was shared by two people.

The driver is on time; and the tour guide is professional,he is patient to answer the questions that we asked, I really enjoyed this trip.(Of course,the history is really sad but you should know it)

Our guide, Chris, is absolutely amazing! He speaks English well and very knowledgeable. He is so nice and drives really safely. I believe that our group is surely satisfied and lucky to have him.

克拉科夫:電動車之旅和可選的迅達工廠 評論人 匿名, 2019年08月13日

導遊非常專業,在集中營中的每一部分都有講解;首先參觀集中營,中午來個午餐休息時間,到鹽礦正對面的餐廳提供付費的午餐(價格可接受,不會太貴),之後直接到對面的鹽礦參觀;集中營因安檢原因,只允許帶少於A4 size的袋進入,B集中營很大,要走很多路,參觀的地方之間路程有點遠,但解說的內容卻有點少,鹽礦有點商業化,大教堂没有想像中來得特別,但想想用鹽建設的卻真的是賣點,等電梯回地面的時間很長