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拉斯維加斯 熱門景點

在 拉斯維加斯 的熱門景點


From the itinerary received on the day it suggested that $10 tips per person, while this trip provides a driver and a guide that means a $20 tip for a $100 trip. 20% gratuity is a bit high on the end. Details of tour: Hoover Dam - just stopped by a parking lot without walking on the dam; Stops - Kingman (10min) and Seligman (20min) with souvenir shop and restroom break; Lunch: cold sandwiches with chips and apple; Grand Canyon: 3 hours free time, either walk from Mather Point to Bright Angel Lodge via rim trail or take the coach and stay around the Lodge. Return: After stop by In-N-Out, they only made a stop at Treasure Island and asked people to transfer to other shuttles for other hotels, which might be a little bit inconvenient.