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米蘭 熱門景點


The guide is very professional and passion for this famous church. I can feel she is prone of here and her introduction is so touching and interesting. Hope to join again. :)

米蘭:米蘭大教堂快速通關和露台導覽遊 評論人 Yu Pei, 2019年12月03日

快速方便,到米蘭中央車站大概一小時,我們是搭13:48的車,抵達米蘭是14:45 記得注意目的地,我們原本上錯車,上了往Brescia的車,還好司機提醒我們,原本已經刷了QR Code,還幫我們退刷,找到往米蘭的車後,不必再多買一張票,謝謝司機先生

米蘭:貝加莫機場接送 評論人 匿名, 2020年01月26日

Although renovation proceeding, the most of the roof architecture are able to be reached by hands with no obstruction at all.

米蘭大教堂和穹頂門票 評論人 adam, 2019年11月06日

The lakes and area was so peaceful and beautiful scenes. Weather was perfectly fine after a storm the day before.

科莫湖與貝拉焦和盧加諾從米蘭一日遊 評論人 adam, 2019年11月06日

the tour guide is nice and share a lot of history to me, let me get more understand the Milan. I really enjoy.