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慕尼黑 熱門景點


This is my first time attending “ Get your guide’s” tour and it was so amazing. Our tour guide Patrick is one of the best story tellers I have ever met. He is so professional in guiding us, very humorous and enthusiastic, deals with every situation in a breeze and with elegance. He told us all the background information that we need to know so as to admire Herrenchiemsee even better. The whole tour went so smoothly that we didn’t spend much time waiting for our train or the ship. The English tour of Herrenchiemsee is clear enough for me to grasp the beauty of the castle and the madness of Ludwig the 2nd as a non native English speaker. Herrenchiemsee is so gorgeous that it should be visited as much as Neuschwanstein. For me, Herrenchiemsee is the perfect representation of Ludwig the 2nd and enabled me to understand the king and the history of Bavaria even more. The steam boat and the ship to the islands are awesome. Thank you Radius tours. Thank you so much Patrick.

The guide was really kind and the whole schedule going perfectly, Excellent experience with Get Your Guide!

慕尼黑出發:新天鵝堡全日遊 評論人 Gioffreda, 2020年03月24日


慕尼黑出發:新天鵝堡一日遊 評論人 Yichun, 2020年01月06日

Impressive travel experience with well-served shuttle bus arrangement and tourist guide introduction

慕尼黑出發:新天鵝堡與林德霍夫宮一日遊 評論人 匿名, 2020年02月04日

Timing control and quality of tour. If can offer meal, it will be more easy for foreign visitors

慕尼黑出發:新天鵝堡與林德霍夫宮一日遊 評論人 匿名, 2020年01月31日