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波土 熱門景點


Our tour guide is Diana. She is very kind and friendly, knowledgeable that told us a lot of information regarding Portugal, Porto, Wine etc. The itinerary of this trip is very nice that you could try a lot of different wines in two different winery and also can have a boat trip to explore the scenery of Douro River.

全日杜羅葡萄酒之旅,午餐和遊船之旅 評論人 Ho Kan, 2020年02月07日

It’s hard to find the yellow bus stops and their schedule time. So I didn’t use it. I believe it’s almost as similar price if you buy the Calem and cruise tickets by yourself. But after all, it’s a good tour package.


杜羅河谷一日遊:品酒、遊船和午餐 評論人 宇軒, 2020年01月07日

It’s a good way to know new people from all the world. And the guide Nico and Gabriel are really helpful.

波爾圖4.5小時酒吧抓取 評論人 WENCHI, 2020年03月12日

Steve is very kind and interesting, the trip has a good price&quality relationship, really enjoyed it!

杜羅河谷:3個葡萄園之旅和午餐 評論人 苑, 2019年12月23日