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Although the weather was so bad, it was snowing and clouding everywhere. Our guide shared a lot of useful and interesting information and stories for us and let us know reasons of every decision he made. He even made a camp in the storm and cooked hot dogs for us. It is very very lucky for us to see amazing aurora in such weather because the sky was suddenly very clean and no snow at all.

特羅姆瑟出發:7 小時極光之旅 評論人 匿名, 2020年02月04日

Small group experience makes us much more comfortable and satisfied. The local tour guide can show and provide us with abundant local life and arctic cultures. It’s really worthy. Recommend this tour!

Very cool activity that u can closely feeding reindeers, also have a chance to learn some Sami cultures.

特羅姆瑟:馴鹿雪橇和餵養薩米指南 評論人 匿名, 2020年01月19日

安排順暢,參加人數都頗為多,有人需要搭的士,當然是團安排的. 薩米人會拉著坐在鹿車上面的我們走一圈,大概十分鐘左右。 如果天氣好,滿天星空加極光會非常震撼。 有參加人士食素,他們會另外安排食物.

夜馴鹿雪橇,晚餐和北極光的機會 評論人 匿名, 2019年12月26日